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AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

Gain hands-on experience through real-world labs and interactive exercises, all under the guidance of a certified AWS expert.

Course Duration

40 Hours

Learning Format

Online Bootcamp


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Master the Fundamentals of Cloud Architecture on AWS
The course is structured to prepare participants for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam, validating their ability to design distributed systems and applications on the AWS platform.

This comprehensive instructor-led course equips you with the knowledge and skills to design, deploy, and manage secure, reliable, scalable, and cost-optimized cloud solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Gain hands-on experience through real-world labs and interactive exercises, all under the guidance of a certified AWS expert.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be well-prepared to take the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam and demonstrate their proficiency in designing robust and scalable AWS solutions.

  • IT Professionals
  • Cloud Developers
  • Cloud Software Engineers
  • Programmers
  • DevOps Professional
  • Designed for professionals and beginner who are responsible for the developer role
  • Experience working as a developer with in-depth knowledge of at least one high-level programming language.
  • Experience with AWS technology.
  • Strong on-premises IT experience and understanding of mapping on-premises to cloud
  • Experience with other cloud services

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Course Features
89 Lessons Assessments: Self Skill Level Beginner

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Why enroll for this Course?

AWS is today's business standard. Skilled AWS Solutions Architects are in high demand, offering vast job opportunities.

Obtain AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate certification for diverse job opportunities in the thriving AWS-centric professional landscape.

Average salary given to a Solution Architect is around $151,810 per annum.

Certification Training Benefits

According to Forbes, Gartner predicts the worldwide public cloud service market will grow from $182.4B in 2018 to $331.2B in 2022, attaining a CAGR of 12.6%. Edureka’s AWS course will help you land in high-paying job & position as AWS Architect.


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Instructor-led online training refers to a form of education or learning in which an instructor or trainer delivers the content remotely over the internet, and participants engage in the learning experience from their own locations. This type of training is conducted in real-time, with participants and the instructor connected through virtual platforms, web conferencing tools, or learning management systems.

Online education is known for its flexibility, but studies have identified several additional benefits of attending class online. Among them:

  • Communication: Many students are more comfortable engaging in meaningful discussions online than in a classroom. These students might have hearing or speech impairments; speak different languages; have severe social anxiety; or simply need more time to organize their thoughts.
  • Personalized learning: Not all students learn the same way. Web-based learning allows instructors to deliver the same content using different media, like videos or simulations, personalizing learning. Online classes providing round-the-clock access to materials and lectures also let students study when they feel most focused and engaged.
  • Accessibility: Online programs transcend time, geographic, and other barriers to higher education. This can be helpful for those who work full-time, live in remote regions, or serve in the military.
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Online education may seem relatively new, but years of research suggests it can be just as effective as traditional coursework, and often more so. According to a U.S. Department of Education analysis of more than 1,000 learning studies, online students tend to outperform classroom-based students across most disciplines and demographics. Another major review published the same year found that online students had the advantage 70 percent of the time, a gap authors projected would only widen as programs and technologies evolve.
While these reports list several plausible reasons students might learn more effectively online—that they have more control over their studies, or more opportunities for reflection—medium is only one of many factors that influence outcomes. Successful online students tend to be organized self-starters who can complete their work without reporting to a traditional classroom. Learning styles and preferences matter, too. Prospective students should research programs carefully to identify which ones offer the best chance of success

Seasoned professionals with over 10 years of immersive experience in Cloud technologies and DevOps practices, our trainer is a distinguished online course instructor renowned for delivering comprehensive and engaging learning experiences in the digital realm. With a robust background in both industry application and pedagogy, Elite Edtech Trainers combines technical expertise with innovative teaching methodologies to empower learners across the globe.

Teaching Experience

Elite Edtech has meticulously crafted and delivered online courses in Cloud and DevOps, catering to diverse audiences ranging from entry-level enthusiasts to seasoned professionals. These courses encompass a wide spectrum of topics, covering cloud architecture, infrastructure as code, continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD), containerization, and more.

Course Development

Known for developing meticulously structured course materials, Elite Edtech trainers design engaging content integrating theoretical knowledge with hands-on practical applications. The courses feature interactive elements, real-world case studies, and virtual labs, ensuring a holistic learning experience for students worldwide.

Industry Relevance

Armed with a rich background in industry applications of Cloud and DevOps, our trainers bring real-world insights into their teachings. Their hands-on experience in implementing DevOps practices within various industries enriches course content with practical, industry-relevant scenarios.

Continuous Learning and Contribution

Committed to continuous improvement, our instructors stays abreast of evolving trends, regularly contributing insights to industry forums, publications, and conferences. Their dedication to ongoing professional development ensures courses are updated with the latest advancements in the field.

Online learning platforms are typically designed to be as user-friendly as possible: intuitive controls, clear instructions, and tutorials guide students through new tasks. However, students still need basic computer skills to access and navigate these programs. These skills include: using a keyboard and a mouse; running computer programs; using the Internet; sending and receiving email; using word processing programs; and using forums and other collaborative tools. Most online programs publish such requirements on their websites. If not, an admissions adviser can help.
Students who do not meet a program’s basic technical skills requirements are not without recourse. Online colleges frequently offer classes and simulations that help students establish computer literacy before beginning their studies. Microsoft’s online digital literacy curriculum is one free resource

Elite Edtech has a no-questions-asked money-back policy if you cancel the registration 1 week before begining of your batch and you will get a full refund . If you have attended more then one session then you are not directly eligible for cancellation or refund. However we would like to help our learners the best way hence please feel free to reach out to our representative and discuss your challenges so that we can work out a way.

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Gain hands-on experience through real-world labs and interactive exercises, all under the guidance of a certified AWS expert.
Gain hands-on experience through real-world labs and interactive exercises, all under the guidance of a certified AWS expert.

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